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Feedback and register an interest

Please complete our questionnaire to let us know what you think of our plans for Collaton. All of the comments that we receive will be considered before our plans are finalised and a planning application is submitted to South Hams District Council.

Do you live in Newton and Noss?

If no, where do you live?

Have you understood our proposals for Collaton?

If no, what needs to be explained more clearly?

Do you support a new private sale housing mix, of three, four and five bedroom homes in a range of shapes and styles, which better balances the community than the current planning permission for larger, more exclusive homes?

Do you support a mix of affordable homes, from one bedroom to three bedroom, which cater for a range of needs in the community?

Do you think that there are a lack of smaller ‘downsizing’ homes for people to move into, in the local area?

We are proposing to have self-build plots of land for sale, where purchasers can build their own home. Do you think this is a good idea?

Have you had to leave the village of Newton and Noss in order to find cheaper housing?

Have you had to leave the village of Newton and Noss in order to find appropriate housing?

We have proposed new commercial space for local businesses to operate from, including offices, small retail and a café. Do you think this will be of benefit to the local community?

The commercial space is being submitted in the Full application, and we plan to construct these buildings quickly, subject to planning. Are you interested using the commercial spaces for your current business?

Our application features an area for extra-care housing, which, for example, could be a dementia or similar care home. Is this a benefit to the local community?

The parklands at Collaton will be made available for everyone to use – do you like this idea?

Do you already visit Collaton for exercise?

The application improves pedestrian connectivity along the B3186 to/from Newton and Noss, with a new highway adopted pavement. This was proposed by the current application, but has never been delivered. Will you use the new pavement along the B3186?

As part of our community benefits, we are proposing parking for Newton and Noss to be made available, to try and prevent the village from being crowded with vehicles. Do you think community parking areas are a good idea at Collaton?

We are proposing a boat storage area in the masterplan for Collaton. This will act as a parking area for boats out of season, and can be used as additional vehicle parking in the summer months. Is this a good idea?

Do you have any further comments or observations on the proposals for development at Collaton?

How old are you?

Given your answers to the above would you say that you are in favour of the Collaton development?

Register an interest

To enable new houses for local people to be built in rural areas, the local authority needs evidence of the type and size of homes local people need. If you think one of more of our housing models would please fill in your details below and tick the relevant boxes. This does not in any way commit you to anything and this information will only be used for this purpose.

Do you have a local connection to the parish of Newton and Noss?

I would like to express an interest in:

Tick the tenure/s you are interested in

Any other comments

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Your name and email address is used to identify you as a single respondent and send you news and information about this project. Your postcode is used to understand your broad location and will not be used in any way to contact you directly. All of your personal information is held in a secure database on a server located in the United Kingdom. For more information about how we use your personal information, please visit our privacy policy.